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Page 67 of 221 Story by: Bartosz Szołucha Photo: Wojciech Wiciejowski, FRAG OUT! Troy IndusTrIes, well-known In shooTers communITy from fIrearms and accessorIes lIke raIls, grIps or sIghTs, recenTly came wITh a my servIce rIfle To manufacTure modern replIcas of hIsTorIcal varIanTs of m16 rIfle. fIrsT producT was presenTed aT The begInnIng of 2016. The Troy gau-5a/a was exacT replIca of carbIne used by amerIcan commandos durIng faIled son Tay pow camp rescue operaTIon In norTh vIeTnam In 1970 (operaTIon Ivory coasT). IT Turned ouT ThaT There Is a necessITy for fIrearms lIke ThIs and sIx monThs laTer Troy released a replIca xm177e2, The IconIc weapon of macv-sog Top secreT mIssIons. and ThaT Is The one ThaT we have chance To geT closer wITh!

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