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KOREA-GATE Quickly after launch, some guys found the online catalog of Dasan Firearms Group of South Korea, where almost identical guns to SVRN ones were featured. Yes, PA-KO, owner of SVRN, is working with Dasan. Ac- cording to PA-KO reps, the company decided to purchase blueprints changed accordingly to their require- ments. The final products will be different than Dasan ones and will be manufactured in Poland. Currently, lot of parts are imported. Just to make some things clear. This kind of international cooperation is nothing new in the firearms mar- ket. Dasan manufactures and delivers parts for such well-known brands as STI, known for some expensive match versions of 1911. PA-KO/SVRN made just one mistake. From the very beginning they should clearly communicate that they are working with Korean company to avoid the online hate which was already generated. We might just hope that lessons were learned. FIREARMS

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