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Mr. Krzysztof Kozlowski, the President of Nitro-Chem, Mr. Fa- bio Sgarazi (VP of RWM Italia) and Megmar Logistic & Consult- ing CEO attended the ceremony. „A year and a half of hard work has borne fruit with our plant's attainment of the capacity to produce modern weapon sys- tems which will soon become armament of Polish F-16 and future F-35A Lightning" said host, the Nitro-Chem president. This certificate award is grande finale of agreement signed in November 2017 between RWM Italia and Nitro-Chem. It was a long process of business ana- lytics, economical studies and audits conducted by Italian counterpart. The result of the audits is clear: Nitro-Chem will be first (and probably the only) Mk 82 filling plant in Central Eastern Europe. New capability will increase the export sales of the company (currently, 80% sales are export) and will ex- pand the product portfolio with next aerial bomb. First was LBOB-100 manufactured for Polish Air Force MIG-29's and Su-22M4's. The Nitro-Chem is one of the global leading TNT manufacturers with certified production line known for quali- ty of the products. This increas- es chances for future export sales of Mk 82 bombs since the license agreement does not limit market areas. The pub- lic debut took place during the Air Fair 2019 expo in May 2019 where shell of Mk 82 was un- veiled. system which might be used as unguided "dumb" bomb or as a part of GBU-12 Paveway or GBU-38 JDAM guided ordnance setup. The Mk 82 is 227 kg (in- cluding 87 kg of explosives) and might be integrated with almost any type of combat planes de- veloped by Western countries. The Mk 82 is gaining more im- portance in the Polish Air Force. Except currently owned F-16's, Poland plans to buy 32 Lock- heed Martin F-35A Lighting II fighters in the future. In past years, Polish MOD procured large amounts of bombs. This "We are more than happy of our cooperation with Rheimentall Defence. The Mk 82 manufac- turing in Poland will increase national security because by increasing the independence level and local manufacturing. It also generates possibilities for export sales. Nitro-Chem is conducting "polonization pro- cess" for armament systems operated by Polish Armed Forc- es" said Mr. Sebastian Chwalek, VP of PGZ SA. Mk 80 bombs family is a wide- spread air-to-ground weapon

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