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The WORKS 11 is a Polish distributor of multiple global defense industry brands like Knight's Armament, Nexter or Dillon Aero to mention just the couple of the most known. Quite often we are invited to their live demos. Latest demo took place on 24th October 2019. DEMO DAY The event was hosted on one of the largest military shooting ranges and test areas, the WITU near Warsaw. There is 2,500 me- ters shooting lane where even grenade launchers, mortars and explosives can be used. Guests from Polish armed forces, includ- ing land forces, territorial defense and special forces were invited. Guests were shortly briefed by WORKS 11 CEO, Mr. Michal Lubins- ki. He highlighted that most of the weapon systems displayed and presented were developed in Europe and, if that's the case, they can be manufactured in Poland. WORKS 11 recently purchased a manufacturing plant were license production might be launched. First part of demo were Forcit Defence Peno PETN-based plas- tic explosives from Finland. Forcit offers MPIMS (Multi-Purpose Infantry Munition System) land mines, Rebar Cutter shaped charges, Dioplex charges and Bangalore Blade linear explosively formed projectiles.

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