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Page 131 of 215 The problem with the GROT was the fact that the rifle is an outcome of the MSBS program, the Modu- lar Firearms System with Modular keyword and key problem. Since the launch of sales in late 2018 only rifles were available. No parts or dedicated compo- nents. Luckily, it is a thing of the past now, as in the first half of 2020, first new parts are slated to hit the market, making the rifle finally modular. During the MSPO 2019 defense trade show in September 2019, the FB Radom unveiled some new compo- nents. These were presented in the main spot of the booth, where conversion capabilities from standard to bull-pup configuration were demonstrated. Modules, as the parts are officially called, were shown but only limited information was spread sin- ce the ultimate date of release was unknown during the show, just to mention the fact that 10.5 inch bar- rels trials were completed at the end of 2019. We have seen some of the parts before, but we were asked to keep this information confidential. Finally, since the information is no longer embargo- ed, we can shed some light on the latest parts for MSBS/GROT rifles. And soon all these parts will be available.

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