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The Ancient Greeks have probably been the best-known mercenaries in the world. It was in the 7th Century BC, when the Greek mercenaries appeared in the history of ancient Egypt, during the chaos that broke out during the so-called Third Intermediate Period, following the fall of the New Kingdom - as a poli cal and military counterbalance for the Egyp an and Libyan forces. The role assigned to the Greek soldiers of fortune in the ancient world was exponen ally growing, to reach its peak during the Hellenis c period. The Ten Thousand conquest, described by Xenophon in Anabasis, concerns the Greek mercenaries and it has become a part of military history. The dusk of the Greek domina on on the market of the mercenary troops was brought onto them by the Roman legions. story by: Jakub Górniak illustrations: ALDO FRAG OUT TEAM! Mercenaries. A Historical Overview

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