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R ecently, on some Facebook groups we have seen a story of the guy who was first to pimp Fabryka Broni GROT S-16 FB-M1 sport rifle. The S-16 FB-M1 is based on the latest Polish military rifle GROT, born from the MSBS development program. Nikolai, the author of the story, lives in Poland and works in the firearms business company. We had reached him out to hear his story about that custom, pimped up GROT rifle. He provided us some good photos and in-depth info about the tweaks and changes implemented into the gun. Here's the story! D ear All users of MSBS/GROT rifles, this a story for you and for those interested in modding of MSBS and making it up to the MIL-STD standards, but also for those who want to play with the rifle without technical problems and warranty repairs. L et's take a look at the problems of the patient. It was the GROT from the 2018/2019, so from the first manufac- turing batch. I don't know how this information will translate to the latest batches from 2019. THE CUSTOMIZATION OR MODDING THE FACTORY GUNS IS NOW MORE POPULAR THAN EVER. GUN OWNERS WANT TO TWEAK THE PERFORMANCE, INCREASE CAPABILITIES, IMPROVE RELIABILITY OR JUST MAKE IT STANDING OUT FROM THE BORING CROWD. IDEAS AND APPROACHES ARE DIFFERENT AND SOME EFFECTS ARE JUST AMAZING. STRZAƁ 3-4/2020 (154)

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