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The shooting is done with the use of a specially designed tar- get with a cross placed over it. The shooter aligns the sight with that cross. The target also features a square hit zone, shifted upwards and right, due to the height of the sight and the ballistics of the ammunition used. The target is usually placed 50 meters from the shooter. Works 11 from Poland has also developed a target that can be placed 25 meters from the shooter. RPG Cv-75 is pleasant to use - this is also a relevant factor. However, shooting a combat variant of the anti-tank grenade launcher is a quite intense experience, especially in case of the first few attempts. This stems from the fact that the shoot- er is aware of how much firepower is placed in his hand, that could be potentially harmful if used improperly. Furthermore, the effects associated with the launch (blast, pressure, shock- wave) all contribute to the impression. Finally, the shooter also knows that taking a single cost has a price tag expressed in thousands. All of the above harms the user who may perform the pre-shooting procedures erroneously, assume an incorrect position or, basically, miss the target. These matters do not apply to the training system. And this makes the training less stressful. Thanks to the above the trainee may completely focus on proper execution of the procedures properly estab- lishing the "muscle memory". RPG Cv-75 would not make the shooter ready for the experience of firing the live weapon. However "imprinting" of the procedures would make it possible to greatly limit the levels of stress associated with the use of the live variant. One shall also remember that the training, as a whole, can be executed at a pistol range which further limits the cost and reduces the time requirements. RPG Cv-75 is a great asset that may be used to train the new users of the RPG-75 disposable launchers. It could also be used as a tool that is useful in maintaining user proficien- cy. The above would be an important factor in the potential scenario that would envisage the introduction of that system in mass quantities, when a necessity would emerge to train operators over a short time, keeping the cost of the training process at a reasonably low level. FIREARMS

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