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T he launch was announced a couple of times, but it was postponed due to different rea- sons. Initially, the new military handgun introduced as a replacement of P-83, P-64 and WIST-94 was known as PR- 15 Ragun. Eventually, the military decided to adopt it in 2018 as a VIS 100 pistol to commemorate the legendary pre-war VIS wz.35 pistol and 100th anniversary of Po- land regaining its independence (in 1918, after 123 years when Poland was wiped out of the map of Europe). The 9 mm NATO VIS 100 M1 is a semi-au- tomatic full-sized service pistol based on the standard issue VIS 100 military duty pistol. It is a hammer-fired, short recoil operated, locked breech gun with Single Action/Double Action (SA/DA) trigger. It is fully ambidextrous as all controls, such as magazine release lever, decocker and slide stop are ambidextrous and placed on both sides of the handgun. Pistol does have internal safety sys- tems only. The de-cocker, which allows the shooter to lower the hammer safely, while there is a round in the chamber. When the decocker is pressed, the hammer is low- ered but it still stays away from the firing pin. The safety notch prevents the ham- mer from striking the firing pin accidental- ly. The firing pin has its own safety, which makes sure that the pin will not move for- ward. That is, until the trigger is pulled, then the safety is switched off and the pin is pushed forward to meet the primer. This third safety doubles as the drop safety. The slightly curved trigger guard was shaped for shooting with both hands and it was enlarged for shooting in gloves. It is slightly different than the one in VIS 100. The FB VIS 100 M1 comes with a com- mercial off-the-shelf open-style metal iron sights with fiber optics supplied by Italian LPA. They can be easily replaced with oth- er sights with similar footprint. The mili-

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