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axis can be adjusted using the provided spacer and choose between a height of 30 or 39 mm. The lens and the eyepiece have protective flip-up covers that protect the lenses during transport. The rear cover is made of transparent polycarbo- nate, so you only need to lift the lens cover to shoot. Finally, a bunch of basic tech specs. CompM5b with mount and flip-us is 85 mm long and 68 mm high (the mount with spacer is 39 mm high). Width is 49 mm. Weight of the sight with the battery is just 254 grams. Compact and lightweight. We have tested the CompM5b with 3xMag-1 magnifier for several weeks and we must admit that although most of us are fans of EOTech HWS, the feedback about Bravo was im- pressive. First of all, because by using the previously described method of "customizing" the sight for sport shooting, at 25 and 100 meters it eliminates Kentucky windage. Well, the Aimpoint only uses a dot as a reticle, so you have to correct the eleva- tion (some other sights reticles feature additional horizontal lines). On the other hand, A, B, C and D caps githe possve the possibility to shoot at longer distances using only the dot. All those features are closed in a compact and lightweight housing, typical for Aimpoint. Top notch quality as always. Especially in combination with the 3XMag-1 and 6XMag-1 magnifiers, the CompM5b can fully exploit its advantages and significantly increase the first shot hit probability at va- rying distances. Text prepared in collaboration with Umo sp. z o.o. COMPM5B AIMPOINT ACCESSORIES

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