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OLIGHT IS A WORLD-KNOWN FLASHLIGHT COMPANY WITH MANUFACTURING BASED IN CHINA. THERE ARE A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEIR TACTICAL-GRADE FLASHLIGHTS AVAILABLE BUT TO THIS MOMENT THEY HAVE NOT OFFERED ANY WEAPON LIGHTS FOR RIFLES. SURE, THERE WERE SOME FLASHLIGHTS WHICH COULD BE ATTACHED TO THE LONG GUN BUT NONE OF THEM WAS SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED AS LIGHT FOR THE RIFLE BOTTOM UP. SO HERE COMES THE OLIGHT'S FIRST WEAPON LIGHT – THE ODIN. The Olight Odin is a dedicated long gun weapon light. The housing is made from Type III hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum and it has steel bezel with PVD coating. The light is fully sealed to meet IPX8 requirements. Odin might look like a random standard weapon light but it does have an unique rotate-to-lock rail attachment system as an integrat- ed part of the body. More about it below. In the head there is a Bo- ron-Silicate glass protecting the ultra-bright cool-white LED diode (this time Olight did not provide the exact model and manufacturer of the diode). The reflector, total inter- nal reflection (TIR) lens, is made from PMMA (polymethyl methacry- late) favored for its clarity, UV sta- bility, and high transmissivity The LED is electronically con- trolled and is powered from a custom 21700 5000mAh 3.6V re- chargeable lithium battery. The electronic circuit controls the LED and adjusts the beam output to the temperature and battery sta- tus. The maximum output is 2,000 lumens (for 2 minutes). Then the output is limited to 1,000 lumens (for 9 minutes), 760 lumens (125 min- utes) or 300 lumens (25 minutes). In the rear part of the body there is a battery cap with tail-switch and integrated magnetic charging port. There is only a single operation but- ton. Touch the button to activate the light in the low mode or press it for maximum output. The button may operate as momentary (press and hold) or constant on (press and release). Battery is charged from the compact charger included in the kit. Full charge takes about 5 hours according to the manual (5A output). It will take longer if the output is lower. Olight Odin has also a remote switch with MIL-STD-1913/Pica- tinny mount. Somehow similar to Surefire ones, it is made from flexible polymer and does not re- quire any screws or levers to attach to the rail. It connects to the light ACCESSORIES

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