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W hen I bought it I came in love with a pump-action shotgun – it gives a lot of fun and you can participate In 3 gun com - petitions as well. Rather small ones tha n professional as M590A1 doesn't have chokes but still man - ages to rival with others. My Moss- berg is tormented with an issue common for classic pump-action shotguns so loading a tube. Well, it holds 8 rounds + 1 in chamber but shooting this is just a brief moment and then you have to load it again. You can always learn the manual part of it and as I won't load it like Jerry Miculek does (I don't plan on polishing anything inside) there is still the problem of carrying the slugs. For my needs, hard-case sport shell holders are a no go as I am neither a competition shooter nor it doesn't fit to #tacticallifestyle which suits me and my mates. For some time I tried carrying shells in pockets (very bad idea) or in the waist pack or in a dangler (slight - ly less bad idea) but loading those shells was a total mistake. Later I bought a plastic holder called a "side saddle" mounted on the left side of the chamber – at the very beginning I rejected stock mount - ed shell holders as I suppose those are not quite comfortable. I even tried to mount that "side saddle" but it appeared that the screw, that was meant to replace the trig - ger group pin , couldn't be pushed through to the other side and I didn't want to use more force that would break something. Moreover, after considering the way it needs to be mounted, it is totally mean - ingless as I would need to remove the screw and the holder every S T O R Y : M I C H A Ł S I T A R S K I P H O T O : M A R C I N L O T K O W S K I , M I C H A Ł S I T A R S K I SIDE SADDLE GINGER'S TACTICAL GINGER'S TACTICAL

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