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on the plastic side saddle there were only 6 spots. Despite the ca- pacity, GTG panel is easily remov- able which can be important while transpor ting the gun or keeping it in the gun safe – plastic panels cannot be removed so easily so it might take some space inside (and as we know, gun safes are always too small). What is more, if someone has a safe with a carpet cover lay on walls like me, a loaded panel can be put on it and quickly accessible in case of zombie inva - sion. You know, just in case. Elastic band holds the shells securely so we don't have to worry even during some more dynamic stages or "tactical" drills and the panel itself is almost invulnerable for mechan - ical damage what cannot be said about a plastic one. time I would need to clean the gun. So I gave it away to my friend (he is using it on his Maverick 88) and I myself started looking for another solution. And at this moment here he comes, lord and savior – Ginger from Ginger's Tactical Gear. It appeared that GTG was about to introduce two new shotgun shell pouches/holders to the mar - ket, both based on similar designs. It is a strap of loop Velcro for the left side of the gun's chamber and a second part of a stiffened pan- el made of two wide nylon straps (stiff ener is in between them with hook Velcro on one side and elastic band to hold shells on the other). Additionally, on one end is a nar - row piece of nylon strap meant as a grip for removing the panel from the side. Elastic band is sewn into loops with a space between them wide enough to prevent shells from getting stuck with their rims (first versions didn't have it so the rims were getting caught by shells next to it). Panel can hold 7 shells when WHEN I WAS IN THE PROCESS OF GETTING MY SHOOTING LICENSE HERE IN POLAND I DIDN'T CHOOSE "SMOOTHBORE FIREARMS" AS I THOUGHT I WOULDN'T HAVE A SHOTGUN AS I DIDN'T NEED IT. OUR SHOOTING CLUB'S HEAD LOOKED AT ME STRANGELY SO I PUT A CROSS THERE AS WELL. AFTER GETTING MY LICENSE I DECIDED THAT I WILL BUY A SHOTGUN. FINALLY, I PICKED UP MOSSBERG M590A1 – YOU KNOW, MIL-SPEC AND HAS A BAYONET MOUNT. EQUIPMENT

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