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Opening it gives a good view on the ammunition so if the shooter uses different types of it, he will be able to visually check which type is loaded in which panel. And it looks like it is meant to be mounted on the vest as when unfolded the bottom part goes really low and is loosely swinging. Now, imagine using it mounted on the belt. Addi - tionally, ammunition inside is quite poor ly secured against weather conditions or dirt which generally excludes it from being used "in the field". Without further explanation – it is a pouch for specific applica - tions and not for competition use or "tactical fun activities" on the range. Both types are a very interest - ing option for carrying 21 shells in total (and those in the magazine) so quite a big number. Idea with rip-off panels works really well – an empty one can be ripped off the shotgun and replaced with a full one. Shell panel can be loaded with a single hand but it is harder than with a plastic side saddle. I liked the pouches a lot, but the standard ones more than the fold - able. Those cannot be compared to the ones competition shooters are using at all but as I mentioned at the very beginning – I have no ambition of becoming a compe - tition shooter and the pouches we have from GTG are perfect for what we generally do on the range. And those can be ordered in M81 Woodland "gods plaid" camo We don't know the cost yet as they are not on the website – we don't expect them to be super ex - pensive and the product is so nice it is worth buying it. If you buy a first variant you can consider buy - ing a 2-in-1 mag pouch – when not using a shotgun you have the op- tion to use AR mags. That is great.

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