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Thus, there is a major opportunity here for Roso- mak S.A. and Patria Land Systems Oy. The official statement issued by Rosomak S.A. is as follows: The management at Rosomak S.A. defined the procurement of the AMV XP technology as one of the strategic goals set for 2019. In late 2018 we signed a license agreement with Patria Land con- cerning the manufacturing of XP, valid until Decem- ber 31st 2035. The LCC support license extends un- til December 31st 2052. The XP was rolled out in 2019 at the MSPO event in Kielce as a potential new product of the Rosomak S.A. company. The XP pro- vides a good platform to create some of the special- ist variants of the APC expected to be procured shortly. Should the production be launched, the KTO-project supply chain would be used. It involves numerous domestic manufacturers and suppliers who all play a key role in the project. As we can see, there is some room available for cooperation, and some agreements have already been put into place. The Polish Ministry of Defence needs around 450 vehicles, and this is a factor that would fully justify the polonization of the AMV-XP, as a successor of the Rosomak APC. Noteworthy, procurement of new APCs is a sheer necessity, considering the planned quantitative expansion of the military. The „Serwal" procurement programme that has been announced by the MoD, aimed at the acquisition of a new wheeled APC (NKTO) is a necessary measure that complements the KTO Rosomak program. Ac- quisition as such would make it possible to mitigate all pain points created during the progress of the ridiculous management of the program on the part of the MoD. The Rosomak itself has a good reputa- tion among the soldiers. It is a battle-proven plat- form. Furthermore, the polonization of the AMV carrier platform serves as an example of a suc- cessful transfer of technology and adoption of it in the Polish conditions which allowed for further de- velopment of the facility and securing of the Armed Forces' interest within the LCC. To replicate that success would be desirable and beneficial for the Army. VEHICLES

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