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parts. The one really awaited (not just me) is the bull-pup conversion kit. There are already some commercial parts available from such compa- nies as above mentioned DEFTAR and I guess there will be more of them soon. Regarding the price - the "budget" edition in my opinion is reasonably priced. The full kit is too expensive, especially when compared with prices of accessories available in stores. So the owner may decide whether he wants a complete setup or just a rifle. I guess the price will not be lowered any more. There is some negative feedback about the military MSBS/GROT rifle so I will not bring it up here. The article was about the civilian semi- -automatic sport rifle not the military issue one. According to Fabryka Broni information, until September 2020 about a couple hundreds of rifles were sold and there were only six warranty claims in 2019 (one rejected) and six claims in 2020 (two rejected). None of them was about corrosion but about the malfunctions and da- mages to the internal parts. It is a pretty good rifle for those who want to have a rifle similar to the one used by Polish Ar- med Forces and can deal with the differences from the AR-15 platform. They must wait pa- tiently for the new parts. Do you even imagine a full kit of GROT with three different barrels, two handguards, stock adapter and bull-pup conver- sion in one case? It's my wet dream! FIREARMS

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