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SHASH SFU NEXT MK2 I don't really remember when the legacy SFU and their up- graded SFU NEXT variant came to market but I do remem- ber that I never liked them. For low-profile use I preferred other brands and for field use the old school BDUs were my obvious choice. The SFU was a hybrid of BDU/M-65/tacti- cal pants and their quality was… like other Helikon products at that time. Very budget one. The SFU NEXT Mk2 are totally different, IMHO what they share with old gen is the "Pants" and "SFU". These weren't redesigned. SFU NEXT Mk2 were built from the ground up. My pants came from the first lot that arrived in Europe in the new COVID reality, so long delayed after the initial debut at SHOT Show 2020 in Las Vegas. I've decided to choose the Shadow Grey flavor (BTW, long time ago I was the godfather of that name for Helikon colorway) which is a neutral grey- -ish tone which blends well into the urban environment and does not scream "hey, look at me, I am the tactical guy". Works well downtown and at the range. I have been able to test the pants on the trail, in the mountains, on the bike and at the ranger. Text & Photo: FRAG OUT! Team CLOTHING

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