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Story: MichaƂ Piekarski The attack itself took place at 8 PM. It lasted 9 minutes and it was con- ducted by a lone terrorist on foot in the Centre of Vienna, in an area full of clubs, restaurants, and bars, nick- named the "Bermuda Triangle". It is a single quarter of a densely urban- ized area close to the Danube river. The whole area is a square district of 100x100 meters dimensions. The perpetrator was shooting persons in the bars and in the streets, full of people who decided to go out on the last night before a national lock- down. The Police were quick to react. It took the Vienna officers just 3 min- utes to intervene - two policemen, ineffectively, engaged the attacker in a firefight. A minute later, one of the policemen was wounded by the perpetrator. Ultimately, at 8.09 PM, the WEGA unit officers neutralized the perpetrator, killing him. As it has been noted that the perpetra- tor was "wearing" an object rem- iniscent of an explosive device, the EOD group was called - the team in- spected the package with the use of a bomb disposal robot. It turned out that the device was a mock-up. The perpetrator, meanwhile, was armed with a semi-automatic rifle, pistol, and a machete. The Police were working through- out the night (including the WEGA and EKO Cobra units), to arrest the remaining suspects. The perpe- trator was also identified. A search was conducted at the flat of his. Four persons were killed, 23 were wounded. Ultimately it turned out that the act involved just a single person. He was identified as Kujtim Feyzullah, a SPECIAL EDITION! in Vienna! Monday, November 2, 2020

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