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This is especially evident when one looks at the company's land forces solutions. The flagships include 155mm Krab self-pro- pelled howitzers, and Rak automatic, self-propelled mortars. Ba- obab 8x8 scattered minelaying system, unveiled at MSPO 2021 will join the already impressive line-up, along with the latest am- phibious-capable Borsuk IFV, and ZSSW-30 remote control turret, on the Rosomak APC. KRAB Krab howitzer is the main manufacturing program pursued by HSW, within the framework of the REGINA project. This system is already well known - it is being introduced into the inventory of numerous artillery units of the Polish Army. On 2nd July 2021, the Polish MoD announced that another batch of Krab howitzers had been delivered by HSW S.A. to the 2nd Artillery Regiment, along with command and support vehicles. The above means that the unit already has a complete inventory at its disposal. The last de- livery included eight Krab howitzers, along with three command vehicles, and two ammunition carriers. The regiment in question operates 24 Krab howitzers, and 18 support vehicles: command/ staff vehicles, command vehicles, ammunition carriers, and ar- mament/electronics repair vehicles. All elements of the module have been delivered by HSW S.A. that signed a relevant agree- ment with the Armament Inspectorate back in December 2016. The agreement has a value of PLN 4.6 bn. and it envisages de- livery of 96 Krab sph platforms and 72 different support vehi- cles. The deliveries are scheduled to be completed by the end of 2024. Currently, the Polish military operates 72 Krab howitzers (including the so-called implementation lot, not covered by the December 2016 contract). They are used by the 11th, 5th and the 23rd Artillery Regiments. Over the upcoming years, another two units would receive the howitzers. Furthermore, based on the agreement concluded in December 2020, the Artillery and Arma- ment Training Centre in Torun is to receive two Krab howitzers, command vehicle, ammunition vehicle, and armament and elec- HUTA STALOWA WOLA S.A. - A COMPANY OF PGZ GROUP DEFENSE HOLDING - IS ONE OF THE KEY DEFENSE CONTRACTORS, WORKING ON THE MOST SERIOUS TECHNICAL MODERNIZATION PROGRAMS PURSUED BY THE POLISH ARMED FORCES. Leading Supplier for the Polish Land Forces HSW S.A. tronics repair vehicle. This is to happen by the end of 2022. The Polish MoD has declared that further procurement of the REGINA system elements may take place after 2024. The Krab SPH is 48t and is operated by a four-man crew . The 1000 HP MTU MT881 Ka500 diesel engine can move at a speed of 60 kph, on tarmac. With its tanks full, the Krab may travel up to 600 kilometers. The platform features a hydropneumatic sus- pension system - praised by the users. Krab features a 155 mm gun-howitzer, with a 52-calibers long barrel with an effective range up to 40 kilometers. The howitzer carries 40 rounds and 48 modular propelling charges. A well-trained crew should be able to attain the rate of fire of up to 3 rounds per 10 seconds. RAK In the case of the Rak program, the HSW S.A. company is cur- rently delivering vehicles procured within the framework of a sec- ond agreement, signed by and between HSW S.A. and the Arma- 28

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