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A U T H O R : KLUB STRZELAJĄCYCH INACZEJ P H O T O : FILIP JOKIEL, MEDARD STARZYCKI, ALBERT OSIPIAK LEKKA PIECHOTA COMPETITION (LIGHT INFANTRY) HOSTED BY KLUB STRZELAJĄCYCH INACZEJ (THE ONES WHO SHOT DIFFERENTLY SHOOTING CLUB) ALREADY HAS AN EXCELLENT REPUTATION AMONG THE SHOOTER'S COMMUNITY AND EACH TIME FIXED GROUP OF COMPETITORS THAT ALWAYS QUICKLY FILL THE LIST WHEN IT OPENS. THIS YEAR THEY INTRODUCED A NEW FORMULA – SOLO WHERE YOU ARE DOING EVERYTHING, AS YOU CAN GUESS – ON YOUR OWN, NOT IN PAIRS LIKE THE REST OF THEM. YOU ALSO AGREE TO MAKE A TOUR AROUND, QUITE FRANKLY BEAUTIFUL, LANDSCAPE ONLY WITH YOUR OWN COMPANY. Lekka Piechota Templar's Gear – Han Solo is a competition that is different in many ways from normal „Lekka" due to the fact that we eliminated the land navigation portion, and you are shooting individually (like in IPSC). We started simply at 08:00 AM by splitting onto the stages and be- gan to compete. There were 24 stages (minus one we had to turn down because it did not work like we thought it would – it happens, lessons learned). Newly ad- ded features that stand up mostly were a

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