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F or those they made STAG 15 Tactical. But what is it actually? Shortly, it is STAG M4 (that is a „classic" AR-15 with direct impingement system) but configured diffe- rently. Theoretically STAG M4 could be modified but it's going to be tough due to using the so -called sail, classic M4 front sight base with gas block and standard hand guard. M4, as mentioned before, must rema- in M4 and modifying it doesn't make any sense, especially that it's more expensive. Tactical version is a typical mo- dern AR15 platform ready for numerous modifications by the gazillions of available parts that users can buy. In terms of basic parts there are almost exact copies of the M4, with a couple minor differences. The rifle comes with a 16" 4150 CMV steel barrel with 1:7 twist rate (due the legal regulation in the United States) with Govern- ment profile, just like M4. Only difference with the profile of the Tactical version barrel is lack of grooves for mounting under W THE STAG M4 IS THE COMMERCIAL VERSION OF THE PRIMARY ASSAULT RIFLE OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY. FOR FANS OF "CLASSIC" IT IS ALMOST AN IDEAL RIFLE (WITH BARREL SLIGHTLY TOO LONG) BUT WHAT CAN SAY PEOPLE WHO WANT STAG FOR "TACTICAL" OR COMPETITIVE SHOOTING THAT WILL BE EASY TO MODIFY? A U T H O R : M I C H A Ł S I T A R S K I P H O T O S : : M I C H A Ł S I T A R S K I , J A K U B M A L E C

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