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Back in June 2021, the WB Group unveiled its new SILENT NETWORK military-grade communications suite. It is a scalable solution designed to ensure battalion-level and higher radio communications. It has been based around the PERAD personal radios, developed for the Tytan Advanced Individual Combat Ensemble solution. 2 decades of peace, and NATO's involvement in a myriad of deploy- ments, have led to major structural changes in the armed forces of many nations. For two decades, the West was usually engaged in asymmetric warfare against guerillas, if any conflict was breaking out. The enemy had no sophisticated electronic warfare systems at his disposal, the same applied to communications, or battle management. On one hand, this resulted in an unprecedented growth of SOF units, and their inventory. On the other, the expenditure aimed at developing conventional systems was limited, as those became unusable in an asymmetric context. Dawn of Electronic Warfare The above status was brought to an abrupt end in 2014, following the invasion of Crimea, and the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. It was painful, as it turned out that the potential adversary was not tak- ing a step back during that period. He has been developing new tactics, and equipment, also exposing the weakness of the western systems, in a form of a significant EM signature of the communications. This was not relevant in the context of asymmetric warfare. Neither did the gueril- las use proper means of detection, nor had they any countermeasures at their disposal. The situation was entirely different when fighting a mod- ern enemy, with numerous EW assets at hand. The conflict in Ukraine has made everyone aware that the enemy remains capable of quickly find- ing the emitters, jamming them, and also engaging them using tube and rocket artillery assets - rapidly. SILENT NETWORK AS NICK CARTER, CHIEF OF THE GENERAL STAFF OF THE DISPERSAL MAY BE USED TO EVOKE MOST DOUBT AMONG ARTICLE WRITTEN AND SUBMITTED BY THE GRUPA WB

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