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Piotr Chełchowski: Gentlemen, December 2017 will mark 20 years from the founding of WB Electronics. How could you recap on that period? Piotr Wojciechowski – President of the Management Board: We look at these 20 years as a period of ever growing challenges overcome thanks to the commitment of our whole team, a time of breaking a never-ending number of barriers in conditions very unfavorable to private business. The clash between bureaucratic mindset and a young innovative private business, oriented from the very beginning not on agency, but on establishing a Polish brand, developing industrial potential, and export – posed a huge challenge to both parties of course. We see the outcome clearly – WB Group, as a big industrial enterprise, is an important and an increasingly sig- nificant element of national security. Our exports grow, and the fact that makes us really happy is that we are very important business partners and technology providers for many of our foreign clients. We also take part in many crucial programs of modernization of the Polish Armed Forces. We are constantly developing and although we are quite a big business already, we still manage to grow at a dynam- ic rate. This is mainly thanks to our hard work, but also thanks to the changing approach of state administration to new innovative busi- nesses. But the key to our success is our staff, with many members of which working for and with us since day one. It is their commit- ment coupled with the support and patience of their families that has helped us make our community united and like-minded. And this, in fact, is the biggest source of our satisfaction after these 20 years. Solidarity, transformation after 1989, Poland's accession to NATO and to the EU have all brought about huge economic changes. The gained sense of freedom that gave grounds to the establishment of WB Group has become a part of the symbolism of those times, and is the best evidence of the strength and patriotism of the community behind the WB Group of today. Adam Bartosiewicz – Vice-President of the Management Board: I think it's important to mention here that one of the first modern The early days of WB elecTronics, The Beginnings of WB group – The largesT privaTe defense indusTry company in poland, The laTesT miliTary soluTions, and The plans for The fuTure as Told By pioTr WojciechoWski and adam BarTosieWicz – The presidenT and The vice- -presidenT of WB group's managemenT Board. WB ELECTRONICS: FROm WaRSaW TO ThE UNITEd STaTES aRmEd FORCES

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