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10th to 12th September 2018 a CZ's Reunion of World Journalists for firearms media from all over the world took place. There weren't rep- resentatives from every continent but still, more than 40 media rep- resentatives from Europe and USA showed up, both traditional print and the new digital media. First part took place on Bzenec shooting range near of Uhersky Brod and the second was the CZ factory tour and a presentation of 2019 products. The Bznence shoot- ing range is a place where most of events by CZ are organized. First day was a night time shoot- ing where we had play with already well-known P-10 C pistol and its latest P-10 F full-sized version with weaponlights attached and CZ Scor- pion Evo 3A1 SMGs. We shot on 25 m range to metal targets so It was considerably easy a nice. Of course, we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't go full-auto with Scorpions. Yep, there was IDKFA mode activated! Undoubtedly, the biggest thing that evening was shooting with 5.56 BREN 2 assault rifles with night vi- sions sights and with the latest 7.62 NATO BREN BR battle rifles and CZ TSR sniper rifles with thermal weapon sights. Shooting distance was 100 meter. Targets were metal plates with additional heat packs so they were clearly visible in thermal sights. Absolutely no problems with hitting the targets. Frankly, night time shooting was rather short be- cause of night quiet hours. For the Day Two, daytime shoot- ing was planned. We were divided in small groups and given a decently big number of guns on five POIs and clothing and equipment on separate display which was a sixth POI. As in military, change of groups was from right side to the left side and for each station group had about an hour. Pistol range had unlimit- ed ammo, but frankly carbine/rifle ranges had it limited and fairly low CZ'S R E U N I O N OF WORLD JOURNALISTS

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