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a changeable grip (same as in SIG Sauer P320). DAO trigger has 2.7 kg pull, 6 mm travel and 3 mm reset. The trigger shoe is flat, wide and has integrated safety. APX features automatic striker block safety and drop safety. Trigger guard is large, glove-compatible with flat front for easier use and better grip. There is also undercut for more comforta- ble and higher grip. The magazine release button (teardrop-shaped) is located on the left side of the gun but might be easily relocated to the right. The pistol grip is pretty wide, and comes with interchangeable back straps which extend to the si- des of the pistol grip. The sides are heavily texturized for improved grip. There are three sizes of back straps: Small, Medium and Large. There are two finger grooves on the front of the grip. Magwell is slightly flared and features undercuts for easier In January 2016 US armed forces down-selected eight companies in Modular Handgun System (MHS) program. One of them was Beretta with brand new striker-fire Beret- ta APX duty pistol. It was second proposal of Italian company, earlier they came up with M9A3, an upgra- ded variant of M9 pistol, which was rejected from the MHS program. It wasn't officially confirmed, but there were rumors that it met only 80% of requirements. Year later, during SHOT Show 2017, MHS winner was announ- ced: SIG Sauer with its P320-based pistol. Beretta had to find new mar- kets for APX. In some of the marke- ting messages, APX was announced as a first striker-fire Beretta gun. The truth is, the first their striker-fire was a tiny 6.35 x 16SR Beretta 418 as used by the original James Bond in the first novels, before "Dr. No" whe- re Beretta was ultimately replaced with Walther PPK. Beretta also rele- ased BU9 Nano and Pico striker-fire pistols, but these were never a com- mercial success. BERETTA APX Beretta APX is 9 mm semi-auto- matic short-recoil pistol with locked breach. The Browning-style tilting barrel system is pretty unique for Beretta, most of their pistols were using vertically-tilting locking or rotating barrel. Latest APX is a mo- dern striker-fire pistol with polymer frame and without external safety switches. Gun is completely am- bidextrous and was designed as a duty pistol. The frame was made from glass- -reinforced polymer but in fact it is just a chassis for trigger module (or removable fire control group) which is serialized, and frame is basically FIREARMS

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