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This is how the first days of the Museum looked like. What is happening there at the present time? The Museum features almost all prototypes of the Soviet and Russian combat aircraft. This alone makes it a must see for anyone who visits Russia and considers him/herself an avid aviation geek. The collection gathered outside of the Museum features prototypes of almost all Sukhoi and Mikoyan de- signs. The exhibits include MiG-29 prototype, Tu-4 - Soviet-made B-29 copy, Su-7 tailored for ice-runway operations or Sukhoi T-4 - the Sovi- et response to the US-made XB-70 bomber. The latter aircraft is made from titanium, in its entirety. Right beside it one can find the Miashish- chev M-50 - a mighty bomber. And this is just the tip of the iceberg - get acquainted with the pictures here to learn more. Sukhoi T-4 - one of the gems of the Monino exhibition. This strategic bomber, made from titanium in its entirety, was conceptually fairly similar to the US XB-70 Valkyrie. A surprise that no one would expect to see in Monino. B-25 Mitchell provided to the Soviets via the lend- -lease program. Il-76 "Candid". MUSEUM

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