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The 2008 dated MSBS-5.56 was a pretty awkward futuristic blocky gun as it was not about ergonomics on this stage. This phase was focused on the internals, overall design and concept proofing. The "body work" deve- lopment was scheduled for later phase. We have decided to compare the original 2008 MSBS concept model with the final Fabryka Broni GROT rifle even though they are totally different animals. Years passed and only small details remained without change. Heck, the 2008 MSBS had more in common with the FN SCAR than the current rifle. The original idea of the MSBS system was complete modularity, full ambidextrousness, and swift transition from standard to bull-pup configuration based around a common up- per receiver module. The barrel was planned to be changeable (not quick changeable, but FIREARMS

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