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Time flies by. Soon, 2 decades will pass, since the day when the APC concept was created. It needs to be said that the aforesaid concept has also been changed many times. The concept has been expressed through the Rosomak pro- gram that is finally progressing at full speed, after 2 decades. This decade is going to see the specialist variants being mass delivered. Mean- while, the new ZSSW-30 turret would also be- come the primary weapon of the wheeled IFV version. Therefore, the undisputed success of the polonization process carried out at Roso- mak S.A., as well as the success related to the use of the platform during the foreign deploy- ments should be projected onto the whole sys- tem of the Polish Armed Forces, within the framework of a new structure. One needs to re- member that the changes related to the estab- lishment of the 18th Division yet again forced the responsible entities to redefine the pro- gram. Ultimately four brigades would use the wheeled APC as their founding platform. This, on the other hand, would translate into the manufacturing of the new vehicles. It may turn out that the carrier platform would need to be brand new, to meet the requirements of a newly launched „Serwal'' program launched by the Polish MOD, to acquire a new wheeled APC (Nowy Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony - NKTO). Many symptoms suggest that Roso- mak-XP (Polonized AMV-XP) would become a new wheeled APC of the Polish military. If man- ufactured in Siemianowice Śląskie, the new platform could repeat the success of its prede- The successful deployment of the vehicles is not a matter that requires an expansive debate. Rosomak APCs/IFVs have turned out to be a perfect deployment asset with high firepower, offering good protec- tion and reliability as well. On one hand, the polonization (93%!) has been successful, giving the Siemia- nowice-based Rosomak S.A. company and the cooperating businesses a strong impulse to grow. As the most modern wheeled APC in the world was being Polonized, even after 2 decades since its inception, the vehicle is still quite „fresh" and it meets the battlefield requirements.

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