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Story: MichaƂ Piekarski Those who know the history of the US military uniforms know the reasons behind the emergence of the 6-colors desert camouflage pattern quite well. This pattern, usually associated with Operation Desert Storm, has been adopted by the US military in the early 1980s. Back then, an actual risk existed that hypothetically, a conflict involving Iran could break out in the Middle East. Throughout four decades, the possible confrontation between the United States of America and Iran, governed by Ayatollahs, has been one of the conflicts that never broke out with full intensity. There have been some periods with heightened tensions only - such as an act against the US and French soldiers in Liban made by terrorists supported by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps or some fights in the Persian Gulf. The killing of General Soleimani in an air-strike by the US or shooting down of the US RQ-4 in the Hormuz Strait can also be listed among the significant developments here. The recent conclusion of a peace treaty between Israel and UAE has also been interpreted as a step towards cooperation in a joint effort to contain Iran's will to expand. The tensions are also visible due to the cases in which tankers carrying the Iranian oil are stopped. In the background one sees Iran's ambition to take and maintain an

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