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From student point of view (that writes me, Ra bbit) that test is perfect verification of skills and teaches how to be humble. Yes, it's only 3 meters. Yes, those circles have „as many as" 5 centimeters. Yes, am shooting at my own command with my own tempo, no one is telling me to hurry up… And still some disregards for any of the elements that fold up to properly take the shot (stance, draw, grip, trigger pull, sight alignment, changing magazine and so on) momentary show on the target. What is worst, you stand close so you can see everything clearly. And you become madman, because it's only 3 meters and target is the size of the dinner plate. And when you get mad, you start making mistakes that makes you get mad (more and more). Test, contrary to first impression, is challenging, if you want to score flawless. During our classes, 100% score is not a common thing, even that we are not bad shooters. What DOT TORTURE TEST gives you? It shows – merciless – faults, that you make. Forcing to precisely control of what you do. There is no giving up, because no time limits, because it very close. Underestimate any element – you score miss. Helps with keeping "muscle memory" which is identical composition every time (that is the goal about training with holstering the weapon every time). Simple test, easy to perform, especially that you can do it only by yourself. Results – impossible to overestimate. Not enough? You can always increase the distance (lately, IKEM is doing this with us – seems nothing feet after feet and we stand further and further…) or include time limits – on whole test or each evolution (those with re-holstering or changing the magazine). Skies are the limits, at the end when someone will be so brave, he can shot DOT TORTURE TEST standing on water balloon, wearing gas mask aim to the target behind his back aiming by small mirror over his shoulder (sounds familiar, huh?). TRAINING

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