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Plecak ALICE MEDIUM w kamuflażu woodland. W dokładnie takiej formie plecaki produkowano na kon- trakty z lat 1988 do 1992. Po roku 1992 produkcję plecaków w rozmiarze medium przerwano aż do 1997 roku. Powiększona kieszeń na radio plecaka Radio Carrying Case. Large packs were made from Camouflage Green 483 (CG483) nylon. It should be highlighted here that in the transitional period, especially in 1991, a combination of materials in both colors was often used. For quite a long time, the webbing in old color could still be found at manufacturers' warehouses, while the new main CG483 nylon fabric was already in use. On some occasions, the frame pocket had a totally different color than the sack. Thicker 12.5 oz. CG483 nylon fabric was introduced in production before the 7.5 oz. one. Production of Woodland Medium packs was ceased in 1992 and the last batches were manufactured by Bluewater Defense Inc. (DLA100-92-C-4178). Large packs are still in production. On 1 July 1997, production of CG483 and Woodland Medium packs was resumed (SPO100-97-C-5010). In the past few years, main contracts were awarded for CG483 Medium packs (Defense Logistic Agency), while Woodland Mediums were produced in small quantities by DPSC (Defense Personnel Support Center) and they were used actually for different purposes (but more about that below). Large backpacks were still in production. The last delivery of CG483 Medium packs was produced by Lion Technologies (SPO100- 05-D-4135). In 2005, DPSC delivered final Woodland Medium packs (SCO200-05-1-C-3100). The last contract for Large packs was awarded for Bluewater Defense Inc. (SPO100-05-C-4079). The last change in the final production batches was the use of black ITW Nexus cord-locks instead of green Fastex ones. Radio Carrying, Case 5895-01-406-1641 ALICE Medium for radio. On 22 December 1994, Navy and Marines received special pack for carrying SINGCARS radios. The backpack was the result of modifications implemented in Medium ALICE packs in Woodland. The production started in 1997. Packs from 1997-2005 contracts were produced by DPSC and they were sent to UNICOR (Federal Prison Industries) for modifications. The main seams near the back were un-stitched and the standard radio pocket was removed. The pocket was replaced with larger 12.5 oz. olive nylon pocket with stabilizing straps for SINGCARS radio. The back of pack was padded and reinforced with 12.5 oz nylon just in case pack would be carried without frame. In order to make installation of the radio inside easier, the ends of the webbing in the main pocket were cut off, so that it was possible to remove them from non-slip buckles. The flaps of the main compartment were notched on the left side and there was an added flap with hook and loop for routing the radio antenna. The original contract stamps were removed and the new NSN and name of equipment were stamped on the flap (the stamp did not include the contract). All those packs look quite strange. It is clear that the modifications were made by professionals but none of them was made from scratch as a new product. All of them have visible traces left after unstitching of the inner pocket. No new MIL-SPEC was issued for them. Those packs were made under USMC specification by UNICOR.

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