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What the Walther P99 pistol is, everyone saw and heard. There were some troubles with this pistol in the past, that became big thing after accident in Polish Police. From last six months we had a chance to play with two FB Radom manufactured P99's and today we can say something more about them. Walther P99 are so well- known that there is no need to de- scribe it in details. Both pistols that we have used comes with An- ti-Stress (AS) trigger and both came from the same batch, where slide back plate is steel. This is the con- struction element that caused most controversies after accident that happened to a police office a while back and despite most factors indi- cated that this was not the cause of the accident, manufactured decided to upgrade it anyway. We will not debate here about mentioned acci- dent, but we think that it was caused rather by way of use, advancement of wear and applying to the manu- facture's recommendations about how firearm should be used than the weapon itself. What's more, acci- dents like that, happens all the time with different firearms, so if we take into consideration how many P99's are currently in use and how many of accidents happened (supposedly two), we will see that this firearm is not particularly dangerous. We shoot throughout couple of months from P99AS with steel back Story by/photos: MichaƂ Sitarski, Piotr Walerysiak

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